How to connect a filter for multiple datasets in an Analysis?

Hi Team ,

I want to connect multiple datasets visuals in an analysis with a common filter.
for example , I have 3 datasets that are used in an analysis , where REGION is a common field . how to create a filter for region which applies to all the dataset in my analysis ?

I think it’s not possible, But you can try by creating a parameter for regions, then a control for that parameter, and then region filter for each dataset and tie all of them with the parameter.
(filter type >> custom filter >> user parameter >> select region parameter)

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Thank you @neelay ,
Actually I tried the way as you suggest (by using a parameter and filter) but I am facing the count issue with NULL. when I use parameter in filter it shows the count excluding the NULL values where I want the count including the NULLs. How to overcome this issue ?

@DeepikaChoda probably separate issue.
I don’t think filter has any impact on count.

They just filter the dataset, (just like spreadsheets)

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Hi @DeepikaChoda,

If you select “All applicable visuals” for your filter, it will work across datasets.


Thank You @David_Wong , Its working