How to connect an Aurora Serverless v2 as a Data Source


is it possible to connect an Aurora Serverless v2 DB as a data source in QuickSight?
We’ve connected an Aurora Serverless v1 with success, but we are not able to connect the v2 instance, both using the Aurora Data Source type, nor using the MySQL data source type, maybe we are missing something in the configuration. Do you have any tips about it? Is it QuickSight already compatible with v2?
Many Thanks

Hi Antonio,
Yes this is possible with Aurora Serverless v2, I configured this a few months ago and have just re-tested the process with a new MySQL database, see details here for instructions on configuring the VPC. In QuickSight I used the “New Aurora data source” and validated the connection. Check the port number(s) being used and security group rules.
Hope that helps.

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Hi @abacon,
thank you. Using the VPC it works.
I’ve thought that enabling the public access to the DB then it becomes available also through the VPC, but it is not working, when I enable the public access, it is not available by the VPC, anymore, despite it is written in the configuration page.
Many thanks again.

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