How to connect G - Sheet data in QuickSight?

Hi @duncan @n_vetri ,
I’m having data in G-Sheet, but i do not find any option to connect it, is there a was to bring data from G-Sheet to QuickSight

Hello Akshay,

I do not think there is out of box connector from quicksight to G-Sheet but may you could find a workaround as mention in the old post here Google Sheet > Athena automation

In addition, you may use Appflow to connect to G-sheet to bring in the data to S3, Redshift, RDS for PostgreSQL etc as one of the supported destination and eventually have the direct Quicksight Connection.
Fore more info -Google Sheets connector for Amazon AppFlow - Amazon AppFlow

Hope this gives some idea.


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Hi @Deep - I agreed with you, one of the option to bring the data to AWS via appflow and then do the reporting from QuickSight.

By Saying that is there any plan to have the integration with Google sheet with QuickSight down the line, can we put it as a feature request.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello Sanjeeb,

As far as i know, i do not have any info on integration of G-Sheet yet. There is definitely a feature request to have Google Analytics connector to QS. Nevertheless, i have tagged it as feature request.

Thank you !