How to contact dashboard owner to request access?

I can click the ‘Request Access’ button but don’t see any way to verify that the dashboard owner is receiving that request or even who the dashboard owner is, which would be useful in order to confirm that the owner is available or to contact the owner directly to expedite the request.

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On the top right of the dashboard do you see the share Icon?:
Screenshot 2023-08-15 155320

You could try using that to see who the user is if they are part of your organization.

Let me know if this helps!


Unfortunately that is not available from the “We can’t open that dashboard” screen.

@Casey_Clinch Is this dashboard from your organization?

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It was sent to me by someone in my organization and my manager has access to it. I can’t see that either from the ‘We can’t open that dashboard’ screen though.

Hey @Casey_Clinch !

If this is from your internal organization you will need to contact the person on your team that handles the AWS IAM policies (administrative permissions) to be able to access that dashboard.

Hey @Casey_Clinch !

Were you able to get this figured out with your team or are you still running into the error?

Hi @Casey_Clinch - As a reader, you can not see who is the owner of the dashboard. As mentioned by @duncan you need to contact your admin ( who have the privilege to see the owner of the dashboard and QuickSight assets). This way you can get the details of the owner of the dashboard and you can connect the dashboard owner to get the access to the dashboard.

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@Casey_Clinch - Sharing some associated documentations around it for reference.

Hope this helps!