How to count how much data is new in a database?


I’m creating a visual on my dashboard using a pivot table, in which I need to have a view of what data is appearing for the first time in my database month by month. For example, if new data appeared in January 2021 that had never appeared before, it should count this data, but if this data appeared in January 2021 but also appeared previously, it should not count this data. So how could I be creating a formula that helps me run this count? (Note: All data in my base have dates when they entered)

Are you refreshing this at a regular schedule?

Can you add a filter / flag that checks to see if it’s newer than the schedule (i.e if you are refreshing every hour, do a filter to the most recent hour, if you’re doing it every day flag for values only in today/yesterday depending on when you refresh).

Actually, I am updating the data every hour. However, what I need is a formula that allows me to count month by month how much data is new, so in the pivot table the columns are the months of the year and I must count month by month how much data is new, i.e. never appeared previously.

Have you looked at this?

I got to look at these formulas but I can’t imagine how it will help me to perform the calculation I need

Wait, if you have a date field, can you just do a count for that month?