How to create a calculation of a date that will only pull the lates date used?

Hi team, I am trying to create a count tracker on the QS which will show me the launch date of each year. Some of the launches have been pushed for a few years so when I do the initial count calculation it will show more sites because it is counting a site 2 or 3 times because the launch date has been pushed. Is there a way I can do the latest or maximum date and for the site and only project that?

Hi @nellsarg

Please try below LAC to calculate the max(date) for the (region & site) combination and apply the filter on this field to include only ‘1’ ( latest records) .

ifelse(maxOver({Launch_DATE}, [{Region},{Name-Engineering}], PRE_AGG) = {Launch_DATE}, 1, 0)

This way only the latest record will be considered for the visual calculations.


thank you
this helped.