How to create a dashboard which has last refresh timestamps of all my dataset which I own

How to create a dashboard which has last refresh timestamps of all my datasets which I own.
It is very difficult to track whether my datasets are refreshing at set frequency. And in case

Hi pratikhonrao

When you login into QuickSight and navigate to datasets page, one of the columns in the list view is Last Modified. Is that what you are looking for?

Hello Mayank,
Thanks for the response here.
What is meant is something like this:

                 Last Refreshed Date
                 4/8     3/8    2/8    1/8    31/7 

Dataset 1 Y Y Y Y N
Dataset 2 Y Y Y Y Y
Dataset 3 Y N Y Y Y
Dataset 4 Y Y N Y Y
Dataset 5 Y Y Y Y Y
Dataset 6 Y Y N Y Y

I want to build simple dashboard that tracks all my datasets last refresh - so that easily I can identify and fix.
Hope it makes more sense now.


Hi Pratik,

This is available in dataset detail views when you click on a dataset. Additionally, if you have access to execute public APIs, you can use DescribeDataset API to get refresh details as well. You can probably write some script to call these APIs and get the information. Hope this helps.

Something you can do is make a calculated field at each of the datasets you want to look at that grabs the latest refresh time and then import all of the datasets to an analysis and display that. It would be individual visuals. So any time you make a new one you would have to do the process again.

That calculated field would be this:

Latest Refresh = now()

Then you would make a title that has the dataset and display’s this value. Or you can look into what @agmayan described