How to create a date out that shows days, hours, minutes, seconds

Hello! I am very new to Quicksight and trying to figure out the basics! Within the Visualize section, I have a “call_start_time” field and a “call_end_time” field and I am trying to create a calculated field called the “total_call_duration” using those two fields as the start and end reference points.

I am using the following function and definition, which is functional, but obviously only shows hours for the output:

  1. dateDiff({call_start_time}, {call_end_time}, “HH”)

Is there a way to add to this definition within the same function so that the output includes DD:HH:MI:SS??

If not, how would I go about creating a field that produces this output in this format?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @jfant001 - There is NO out of the box solution for this problem. You have create a calculate fields for finding days, hours, minute, seconds ( hours, minutes and seconds needs to put some logic so that you can do minus) and concatenated the fields and populate the data as per your requirements.

I will also try from my side and update you.

Regards - San

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Take a look at this article:

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Okay, thank you for the response, @Sanjeeb2022 Sanjeeb. I will keep working with it to try and figure out how to create the output that I need.

Most of our event data shows “hours” and “minutes” for “start” and “end” times so that is mainly what I need for the output, but I wanted to ask about adding “days” and “seconds” in case there was a simple addition that could be made that I had not figured out yet.

Thank you again!

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Thank you for the response, @David_Wong David. We have call start and end times in our data fields that are displayed with hours, minutes, and seconds so I just need to create a calculated field that has an output that basically shows the call duration in hours and minutes. I appreciate the information and I will see if I can use any of your definition to help me create what I need.

Just for more clarity of what I need, if in field “call_start_time” shows “04/16/2023 09:30” and in field “call_end_time” shows 04/16/2023 14:38, I need the calculated field of “call_duration” to show 5:08 for the call duration.

Thank you again!

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HI @jfant001 ,

Thanks for your query. Before going to create your calculated field as DD:HH:MI:SS you need to first create your date difference that is Call Start Time and Call End Time duration as sec.

Step -1

dateDiff({Call Start Time},{Call End Time}, ‘SS’)

Step - 2

Use this below formula

The yellow highlighted area is the field name of your date duration between start time & end time.

Note - You can not plot this data on KPI visual type.

If you want to Create DD:HH:MM:SS format for line level then just go to the Demo Central and see the detailed analysis it is very easy to understanding all the calculation.

DemoCentral (

If you feel any difficulties please revert back .

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash