How to create a drop down for different type of date fileds

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Basically I have add the filter option to the dashboard for two different date fields which are Batch date and Selection date as shown in below.


Could some one help me how to create the one drop down for both the date fields. These should be listed as a “Date Type” for the filter name and then users should be able to pick one of these two options.

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hi @tdr_Dinesh, can you go through this link so that you have some idea to build your solutions.

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Biswajit Dash

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If you want to just filter by one of the two date fields and not both, you can also take a look at this post:

This solution isn’t specific to date fields. You have one control to select what field would want to filter by and the second control is your actual filter.

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Hi @David_Wong , Thank you for your prompt response.

Yes, I want to just filter by one of the two date fields and not both.

  1. I have added the parameter as a “TEST”
  2. Added the parameter as a control with the following values: Batchdate and Selection Date
  3. Created a calculated field using the parameter
    ifelse(${TEST}=“Filter by BatchDate”,BatchDate,${TEST}=“Filter by SelectionDate”,SelectionDate,null)


But unfortunately I am not getting the accurate results and for both the dates I am getting the same results.

Could you please guide me further. Thank you!

Are your 2 date fields called BatchDate and SelectionDate?

The value of the parameter in your calculated field has to match the values in your first control. If the first control contains BatchDate and SelectionDate, your calculated field should say:

Then you need a second control to apply a filter on that calculated field.

The first control is to allow you to set the value of the parameter and choose between BatchDate and SelectionDate. The second control is to allow you to select the date.

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Hi @David_Wong ,

Thank you!

yes, date fields called Batchdate and Selectiondate.

I hope somewhere I missed out , I am not getting the accurate results.

Below are the steps which I have followed , could you please let me know if I missed out anything here

Step 1:
Given the name as Filter1 and Static default value as ‘Batch Date’

Step 2: Added calculated Field.

Step3: Added control to Parameter

I’m not seeing the part where you added a filter on your calculated field. Maybe that’s the step you’re missing.

  1. Here’s my sample data containing 2 date fields - Order Date and Ship Date.

  2. First create a parameter. Use the name of one of your date fields as default value.

  3. Next use the parameter to add a control.

  4. Then create a calculated field like this:

  5. Add a filter on the calculated field and pin it to the top:

  6. You can use the value of your parameter as the name of the 2nd control.


  1. If you select Order Date in the first control, the visual gets filtered by the Order Date field.


If you select Ship Date in the first control, the visual gets filtered by the Ship Date field instead.



Thank you @David_Wong .It is working as expected.


Thank you @Biswajit_1993 for sharing the link.

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Hi @David_Wong,

By considering one more field, the field name as “Audit complete date”. If I want this field in drop down along with the existing 2 fields. Is it works? if I use the same concept. Could you please confirm. Thank you!

Hi @tdr_Dinesh,

Yes, it will work. You can add another date field.

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Hi @David_Wong

Thank you!

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Good day @David_Wong,

I have added one more field in the list as “Audit Date”. On this filed few of the columns are “NULL” since the audit is not completed yet. Because of this,field type reflecting as “String” hence we are experiencing an issue to add this field to the drop down.

Could you please assist me is there any alternate option to add this in to the drop down.

If you have some valid dates in the Audit Date field, QuickSight should treat it like a date field in your dataset. Can you share a screenshot of some of the date values in the field?

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Could you please have a look in to the below snap. In the dataset “Audit completedate” field reflecting as “String” when we tried to change the data type to date then the rows which shows “NULL” are skipped out from the data base.

What is your data source? If it’s Excel, you shouldn’t have the word “NULL” in those cells. Just leave the cells empty.

If it’s still doesn’t work, I would recommend opening a ticket with AWS support.

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Sure @David_Wong , thanks for your prompt response.

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@tdr_Dinesh Let us know if @David_Wong’s solution works for you. If so, can you let us know by marking it as “Solution” (check box under his reply)? Thanks! :slight_smile: