How to create a dropdown - multiselect filter with custom filter option?

I have a column in my database, in which there are many different data but that follow the same pattern as in the image below:


I would like to create a filter, in which I can make a list that I can select more than a single value. For example, a list in which I can filter by all the fields that contain “APU”,“CHI”,“MEX”… and so on and in addition I can select in the filter, which data contains both “APU” as much as “CHI”

Can you say contains?

Then I’m assuming you want your filter to only show, APU,BRA,CHI… instead of all possibilities?

In your data will you always have a row that has a unique value such as APU, BRA, CHI, CCA, and not ones with multiple values?

Not really, I would like to show in the filter the option to select “APU” to show me all the fields that have “APU” in their text, as well as if I want to see at the same time which fields contain “APU” and “COL” I also get it, just like a dropdown list - multiselect. However, when I enabled this custom filter to identify whether or not the text contains this substring, I am not able to create this dropdown list - multiselect

Hmm, this might have to be an added feature. I don’t believe you can do what you are looking for natively in quicksight.