How to create a pareto chart with cummulative percent total contribution?

I created these percent_total and cummulative_pct_total in excel which I can use to create pareto chart. I want to create something similar in Quicksight. I can create percent_total in quicksight but how to do cummulative _pct_total which I can use in the chart.

Chart created in excel

Can you do a running sum with the percent of total?

runningSum(percentOfTotal(sum({value})),[{Category} ASC])

Then plot this as your line on a combo line and bar chart

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Thanks Max. This is not the correct solution but it helped me reach to the solution. SUM({value}) has error. I replaced SUM with COUNT because I want to count records for each category. Also, when we put Category ASC we are sorting on Category. We should be sorting on highest to lowest percent to create a pareto. Appreciate your time on this.

runningSum(percentOfTotal(count({field})),[percentOfTotal(count(field)) DESC])

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@Shokat Thank you for sharing your solution with the Community!

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