HOW-TO: Create a rich text and/or image visual in QuickSight

Since the release of Custom Visual content in QS customers can now easily embed images/videos or even embeddable html conent in their dashboards to delight their end users.

However some customers also want to mix and match different content (such as rich text) and images in one visual so it can enhance the user experience or provide more context to the readers.

This is possible by using Insights with narratives, however, in this case we won’t include any computation on these narratives, we will only include text and images, lets see how:

  • Click on Add and then select “Add Insight”, you will be presented with the following modal

    Select computation

  • Instead of selecting a computation type just click on the :x: button on the top right corner

  • A new (empty) insight will be added to your analysis, now click on Capture and voila! you will get an rich text editor like this where you can add text, images, links and more!

Also remember that this visual is still an Insight, so if you change your mind and want also to include a calculation to show KPIs/metrics directly coming from your data-set along with custom text to provide context to users. In order to create a calculation just click on the :heavy_plus_sign:Add computation button from the left sidebar in the narrative editor.

Happy dashboarding!