How to create a summarized pivot view with 2 dates columm

Above is my goal.
so I have 2 dates column, resolved dates and detection dates. And I can only makes the view independently with each single date.

Thank you!


I saw a similar question you answered a year ago but I’m not sure if there’s a easier way to do this now, I’m not sure how to create the unpivot dataset

I was able to figure this out and would like to share my solution if anyone face the same issue in the future.

What I did is create a unpivot table ,
SELECT * FROM (SELECT resolved_date, detection_date, unique_key FROM Tablename ) UNPIVOT ( calenderdate FOR action IN (resolved_date, detection_date) )
what it looks like:

Then I join the two dataset in qs

This is what the final result looks like , i add a parameter to filter the date period (W/M/Q)

Hope this is helpful!