How to create a URL action for an entire row on a table?

I’m trying to create a URL action that will allow a dashboard viewer to click on any part of the row in a pivot table and see the action in the menu. Unfortunately, I only see the action if I click on the specific field that is referenced in the URL. I tired creating a parameter, but the parameter just references “All” in the URL and that returns an error. Anyone know how to create an action URL that will let me click anywhere on a specific row in a table and us the specific column referenced in the action?

I’m currently using this URL:<<leader_login>>&selectedTimeRangeId=static-1-month

I created a parameter called LeaderLogin and tried using this URL, but it kept embedding “All” into the URL and not removing the parameter name from the url:<<leader_login>>&selectedTimeRangeId=static-1-month

Hi @Kashgar

I don’t believe what you are trying to do can be accomplished. When you use a parameter like that it needs to be changed before you click it. So you could build out another step, in where you click something first to change the parameter, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

I can mark this as a feature request.