How to create a Week over Week field


I am trying to calculate a Week over Week field, but I can’t do that. Could you, please, help me?

I’m using a pivot table with values (sales, revenue and cost) in rows and weeks in columns. What I want to do is put the week over week values in a column like in this table:


Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there. Have you taken a look at this article: Period Over Period and Other Date Comparison Calculations (YoY, MoM, YTD, Rolling 7 days, etc)?

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Hi, QuickSight just launched a suite of period-over-period functions. For your case, you just need to add a new calculated fied using this function. It should give you the right answer.
All other period functions are available in these two links: Period over period computation - Amazon QuickSight,
Period to date computation - Amazon QuickSight


FYI, we published this blog post for detailed discussion about use cases and function usage for the period functions.