How to create Boolean calculated field

I would like to get True and False as mentioned below output rather than getting 1 and 0. Please help me to get this output.

Id Amount Date Amount_in_2020
1 10 2019-01-15 True
2 0 2020-01-16 False
3 100 2019-12-21 False
4 34 2020-01-15 True
5 5 2020-02-20 True
1 50 2020-09-13 True
4 0 2020-01-01 True

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@raju123 Could you elaborate your question. What I understand that you want True and False instead 1 and 0 as output. You can try creating a calculated field and use ifelse(condition, TRUE, FALSE). If you want True and False output as a string put quotes around it - ifelse(1>0, “True”, “False”)


@raju123 - Can you please provide your expected output…

Regards - San

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I got the solution for this. Thank you

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