How to create custom measure filter and create a filter for multiple categories that contains duplicate value in each categories?

  1. Looking for better solution to create custom measures filter. My table currently has multiple metrics in columns. One solution I came up right now is to unpivot the metrics into row, but it’s a bit unrealistic because it will increase the data space and server load multiple times.

  2. Unable to create a custom dynamic filter allowing users to select different region. I have country level data right now and I want to create two groups of regions, one is Core 8 (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, JP), the other is EU5 (DE,UK,FR,IT,ES). Ideal condition is that when user select a specific region, the table shows the data of correspondence country. But I’m not able to create groups of two regions because some countries are in both group, eg: UK, FR, IT, ES.

  1. I don’t think this applies to quicksight. No matter how you show a visual it will use the same data and load only once. Are you talking about your SQL?

  2. Can you transfer this into a calculated field using a parameter?

Make a parameter called group => ${group}

check_group = ifelse(${group}=‘Core 8’ AND (country=‘US’ OR country=‘UK’, etc… ),‘Valid’,
${group}=‘EU5’ AND (country=‘DE’ OR country=‘UK’, etc… ),‘Valid’,‘Not Valid’)

Then only filter to values that are valid.

Let me know if this helps