How to create Event Based Trigger in Quicksight?

How to create Event Based Trigger in Quicksight ? do we need to go through AWS Event Bridge ?

Hi @Hemant What exactly is your use-case here ? For certain use-cases, you integrate with a S3 event trigger which then runs a lambda function.

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I want to automated or schedule athena to run on 1st day of every month.

Hi @Hemant Do you mean a data refresh on your Athena dataset ? If your requirement is to create a data refresh on an Athena dataset then you can set up a refresh schedule on your dataset, choose either ‘full’ or ‘incremental’ refresh, frequency to be ‘Monthly’ and refresh on the 1st of every month.

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Well, the use case is there is requirement that we need to show 12-month data on quick sight, where 1st to 11th data is dynamic and the latest 12th month data is static. so, for that we need to manual run the query on Athena every 1st day of the present month. so how can we make this Manual process automatic??

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Hi, one possible solution would be to create two different refresh schedules where one of them would be for the last month data. However, if you want to stop or edit then it will still have to be done manually or possibly write a custom code.

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So, using Lambda Trigger won’t help?

Hi, yes it will work.