How to create filters or controls with multiple parameters?

I have several embedded boards. Two parameters are passed through the url: tenant and userId, these are variables, they will change according to the logged in user. These parameters are taken in the analysis and mapped against parameters with the same name in the data set, to filter the data to be displayed in the graphs. These parameters, both in the analysis and in the dataset, have pre-established values ​​because Quicksight requires them, but they vary to filter the information of the dataset according to what is entered in the embedded url. Up to this point everything works correctly.
The problem is that I also have controls, but they are not taking those parameters to filter them in a list, but instead taking the information from the pre-established parameters in the datset, they are not varying them according to what is passed in the url.

I need a filter or control that can above all charts list the data set information for that data set field, for that tenant, and for that user. It’s possible? As?

Hi @gimenabinaghi
Can you please confirm that you have set “show relevant values” between these filters?

Also, if you want the data to be restricted for each user based on the tenant id and user id, the right way is to use RLS. If you are using anonymous embedding, then please explore sessionTags. Parameters can always be changed from the client side and you run the risk of exposing all data.
RLS is the correct way to restrict data for users. Parameters can be used to set the initial value or change context.


The last list marked in red is the one I need to filter by the parameters: tenant and userId

A single Quicksight user is used for the embedded graphics of all users

Hello @gimenabinaghi, I want to confirm that I am on the right track here. Is the issue that you are returning a parameter in the URL but the options displaying in the control are not matching or possibly showing options that user should not have access to? If that is the case, I believe the suggestion @n_vetri above is correct. If you attach an RLS dataset, that maps a userId to a tenantId, to the dataset that you are using to connect to the control values, the controls will then only show values related to that specific tenantId. This will ensure your users are never accessing the incorrect data. One thing to remember though, if you utilize RLS, all users with access to the dashboard must be added to the RLS dataset otherwise they will be unable to view any data.