How to create fixed list of values in Quicksight?

Hi Quicksight team,

I’m interested in building a pivot table for Goal numbers across the whole year.
The goal is set to be 30%(fixed input) at the beginning of the year, with the same incremental monthly (2.7%) to 60% (fixed input) at the end of the year.
I need help with build fixed list of values, in my case, I need to input Goal percentages, and input of 12 months in a year (Jan, Feb, March…)
I’ve tried using parameters, but met difficulties when try to apply parameters to the date.

Hopefully could gain some help from the community.

Thanks in advance for any hints and help!!

I think this is something you’ll need to do at the dataset level with SQL.

Can you explain further though of what you are looking to accomplish?

Screenshots would be helpful.

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thank you Max for following up!
My goal was to create a pivot table with goals across the year (fixed values). For columns, I want to create a list of months (Jan, Feb, March…Dec) and rows, I need fixed input of percentages (Jan - 30%, Feb - 35%, March - 40%…Dec - 60%) with the same incremental.

Hope the screenshot of the ultimate look of visual would help explain my questions.


I would suggest doing this in SQL or making a csv and then joining your data onto this dataset.

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