How to create one date filter to apply for two different dates in two different data sets


I am trying to build up a dashboard with several visuals connected to individual datasets. I want to accomplish the following:

Create one Date and Time range filter that is applicable to two different dates (datetimes) in the visuals for the dashboard in order to filter values based on the chosen date range for each visual/dataset. I hope it makes sense and if so - Is that possible? :slight_smile:

All the best!

Hi, @madsdental
What you are looking for can be accomplished using a parameter.
Step 1: Create a parameter with the data type Datetime
Step 2: Add a control for the parameter you just created
Step 3: Add a filter for your date field to your visualizations with the type Custom Filter then select the parameter you created.

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Hi Brian!

And thanks for the quick response. I am not sure if that will achieve what I am looking for, but I am quite new to quicksight, so could be wrong :smiley:

What I want to achieve is the following:

I have one with visual for Utilization. This visual is connected a dataset called Utilizations and has a util_date that is used for filtering the utilization values

On the same sheet I have a visual for Appointments. This visual is connected to the dataset called Appointments and a apt_date (datetime) that is used for filtering the appointment values.

Right now I have two different date range filters for each of the above visuals in order to filter there values.

Is possible to have one date range filter instead of two filtering on both util_date and apt_date (possible more)?

Thank you again!

@madsdental A parameter with a date control as I described previously would work for this.

An alternative approach is to use the use the “Applied to: All applicable visuals” option on the edit filter dialogue.
In order for this to work the fields must be mapped at the data set level. You can read more about that here: Mapping fields - Amazon QuickSight