How to customize the width and alignment of the bars in vertical bar chart

Hi Team ,

How to change the width of the bars in vertical bar graph ?

here the labels and their respective bars alignment are little mismatched. the red crossed lines are the axis labels but their relative bars are not aligned straight . some moved to left side , some to right side.

Hi @DeepikaChoda
Is it possible that you have a group field and the other values are 0? So you should have 4 bars for each x-value?

can you elaborate it

You defined something like that, right?

You have
“x axis” with 4 elements
“value” with some numbers.
“group/color” with another field.
But each of your group/color element has only values on one of your x axis elements.

That is the thing I already done there. but the size and alignment are varying .

Can you share the same screenshot as I did of you visual?

What if moving the group/color field to the x-axis and remove the x-axis field?

Yeah it solve the width uniformity , but I need different colors . If I add a field to group/color the bars gone to same mismatched alignment.

What if use the field on both (x axis and color)?

If I use both the Bar graphs are shown as above picture which are not aligned straightly.

The same field on both?

Unable to add same field on both. it shows an error that it is already used in dimension field

If you want to use the same field in 2 fields wells, you can do so by creating a calculated field that has the value of the original field and using calculated field in the second field well.

I did the same thing in the above visual (where the field used in group/color is the duplicate of the field used in X axis).

Hi @DeepikaChoda
could you solve your problem?
If not, maybe you can share a analysis within Arena?

Hi @ErikG , Not yet solved.