How to customize zoom level granularity of map visual?

I need the visual to open on a specific region of states but the zoom level presets cut some of the states off. How do you customize the increments?

Hi, can you please provide more details on what you are trying to do?

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@Rushabh_Vora When I click the plus button to zoom in on the map visual, it zooms in by perhaps 15%. Is it possible to adjust the level of granularity that the zoom button zooms in or out with? IE, how do I zoom in by 20% increments?

Hi @Ben_Berliner,

This feature is not currently supported in QuickSight. By default, map visuals are always zoomed based on the underlying data. As a result, you could workaround this by creating a second map visual that is filtered to the states you want the map to default zoom to.

I will flag this post as a feature request.