How to dertermine if a call is Answered or Not Answered

Hello Community, we are trying to determine how to tag (count) if a call has been Answered or not so that we can further build calculation from that flag. I built this but do not know if its correct. ifelse(({Agent Interaction Duration} > 0), ‘Answered’, ‘UnAnswered’)

Should I construct this differently?

Hi @Pforbes! Welcome to the QuickSight Community! It looks like you’re trying to create a calculated field in Amazon QuickSight to tag calls as either ‘Answered’ or ‘Unanswered’ based on the “Agent Interaction Duration” field. Your formula is mostly correct, but you need to ensure that the syntax matches what QuickSight expects, especially with the quotation marks.

ifelse({Agent Interaction Duration} > 0, "Answered", "Unanswered")

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