How to display some random rows

  1. user will select the random numbers then the report will display the random rows based on the selection

Hi @arokumar

Random functions is something currently being worked on - but even then - not sure we have a direct way to populate the default value in a parameter/control with the result of the random function.

One thought - though maybe a lengthy workaround but is possible.

1- create a 2nd dataset with the list of numbers. this can be a direct query to a db or a csv. If it NEEDS to be a random number you can use DirectSQL and source db dialect. add dataset to analysis.
2- create a parameter

3- create control on this parameter with source as the 2nd dataset added to the analysis.

4- link control to filter/column to apply to all required visuals.

This should provide the dropdown with the list of random numbers for the user to choose from.

Below pls find final result.


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Hi Ramon,

  1. Do you know the ETA for Random functionality available in quicksight?
  2. you have mentioned that “Below pls find final result”, i don’t see any final results. Can you please provide that? Appreciate it!!

Thanks, Ramon for the workaround. Is there any auto schedule to save weekly or monthly schedule report PDF or dashboard to Quicksight folder, instead of sending emails?

hi @arokumar

Currently - they can only be emailed as per the available schedules as PDF.

We are to release in the coming months deeper Reporting/distribution capabilities that should facilitate this need better. Stay posted for updates as we release the feature.