How to Display text field (no calcualtion) to a pivot table as value?

I have a pivot table and want to see a text field as pivot values. Can I turn off the aggregation to just present the text as it is?

Can you tell us more about values in that text field?
What would you like to see if given the dimensions that are placed into Rows or Columns, this field has multiple values?

At the moment, if you want to see unaggregated text fields in a pivot table, they need to be added as Rows or Columns. If you don’t want to do this, can you explain why?

Hi Tatyana, this text field (under values box of the field wells) will not have multiple values as I will make sure the fields I dragged into the rows box of the field wells will produce unique value of that text field.

Please see the workaround in excel for proof of concept. More details of instructions can be found: Pivot Table With Text in Values Area - Excel Tips - MrExcel Publishing

QuickSight does not provide an aggregation that can return value as is for text measures. The only available aggregation methods at the moment are Count and Count Distinct.

We will likely provide other aggregation methods in the future (there is one that is used to display text in tooltips which is not exposed as an aggregation to be used in a pivot table yet) however we don’t have a date for that at the moment.

I will share this thread with the program manager for the area so that we can consider prioritizing this work higher.