How to display the refresh time from the dataset on the dashboard as a narrative?

I have a timestamp from my dataset and I want to display the complete timestamp with a narrative style . How to do it?

A similar question was asked here: Adding Last data refresh timestamp in the Dashboard - #4 by Kashgar. Please let me know if this answers your question.

Hi Burki, Thanks for your quick response. Actually, I read the link before posting my question, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to apply in my case. My refresh time is in my datasets and I want to use the latest timestamp as the refresh time. Because my datasets contain data for a month and the data is loaded once a day. I created a calculation field Max_dataset_timestamp =max({Dataset Timestamp}) and used it in the visual- insight -fields wells “value” and used the dataset_timstamp in “Time”. I used the formattedValue under Maximum of the Computation. I got an error. Could you please advise how I can correct the errors?

Hi @Li_Yang, thanks for the update. Can you please try the following:

  1. Delete the computation in the narrative.
  2. Create a calculated field for the maximum date: dateDiff(maxOver(Date, [], PRE_FILTER), Date)
  3. Create a maximum computation, use your date dimension as the Date and the field you created above as the value.

Hi Burki, thanks for your instruction. It works to display the date. Is it possible to display the time as well?

You’re welcome. Can you please try to go to the field wells and do a custom format as shown below? Also, change the Time Aggregate to Minute.


Thank you so much! It works ! Much Appreciated! :smile:

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my max value does not work…it does not show the max of the timestamp