How to dynamically change background color of a cell based on a databased object value?

I am trying to dynamically change the background of a cell (row) based on a data value from a column in the backend database table. All the values and fields are coming from a single table from Redshift. Is there a way we can dynamically change the formatting based on a database object value. Thanks for your help!

@Naveen_Emerald : Can you explore conditional formatting. see the below documentation -

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Hi San,
Thanks for this. My data driven backend table values are not numerics. They have string values like ‘Grey’ or ‘White’. But conditional format field expects a numeric since its aggregated on count or count distinct. I am trying to change the background color of a column in the table using a string value (ie. Grey or White) from another column in the same table. Please let me know how would it work in this case. Thanks a lot for your quick response.


Thanks @Naveen_Emerald … Let me have a look on this… tagging @Biswajit_1993 @Max experts for a quick response on this.

Regards - San

One workaround is to create a numeric calculated field where each number represents a color.

Something like this:
Color code = ifelse({color} = ‘Grey’, 1, {color} = ‘White’, 2, null)

Then add your conditional formatting based on the calculated field.


Thanks @David_Wong. Is there a way to control bordering of rows through conditional formatting. Right now I just see background colors, text color and icons. Is it possible to have bordering and other data formatting (italics, underline etc.) using data driven objects using conditional formatting?
Thanks for your help!


If you want to do it based on conditions, it’s not supported.