How to enable "Duplicate Dataset" to a user under a different namespace than the default?

I have created a dataset from a specific data source (permissions of data source shown in attachment 1) and I share it with a user under a different namespace. I want to provide this user with the option to duplicate the dataset but currently its not allowed because he does not have access to the data source. How can I share the data source with him so that he can duplicate the dataset without having the option to delete, edit or update the data source? I want to do this with Boto3 API.

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Screenshot from 2024-07-01 14-43-36

Hello @Fotis_flex,

From what I can tell, you would want to use the update_data_source_permissions API call to provide a user access to the underlying datasource. Then, if you make the user a viewer for that specific dataset, they should be able to duplicate the underlying dataset without gaining permissions to edit or delete it.

Let me know if this helps!

Hello @Fotis_flex, since we have not heard back from you, I will mark my previous response as the solution. Please let me know if you have any remaining questions on this issue and I can help guide you further. Thank you!

Yes @DylanM thanks a lot for your reply - problem solved

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