How to enable "save as" option programmatically?

Hi, I created a dashboard through AWS CDK and granted permissions, so I was able to view it. However, I have to manually enable “save as” option on console and then I can see the option on top right of the dashboard.

Though it works, I still want to know if there is any ways to enable it programmatically when I create the dashboard? So that we don’t need to manually operate on console.


Hi Jiaye Liu,

The ‘save-as’ capability can currently be turned on via console only.

We do have an open Product feature request for adding an API option for the same. This feature request is yet to be prioritized.
Please reach out to your AWS Technical Account Manager / Solution Architect to add a customer influence to this PFR

If you don’t have an assigned AWS rep, mail me your organization name and I will add it to the PFR.

Arun Santhosh