How to enable self serve on QuickSight?

I want to provide an ability of self serve to my end-user.

For example, give access to user to round up the highlighted numbers or remove the percentage part. How can I achieve this in quicksight, while keeping the access role as ‘Reader’?


At this time the functionality to take off the percent is not possible.

However, you can use parameters and actions to change the rounding.

First, make a parameter called roundup.

then make a calculated field to check to see where the parameter is selected to be rounded up.

ifelse(${roundup}=‘up’,round(sum({int bearable})),sum({int bearable}))

Finally make an action or you can make a control that toggles between the round up parameter.

Hi Max,

Thanks for your response!

The quoted scenario by me was just one of the example.

My broader question is how do I enable my end-users to do a self-serve? Is there a role I need to provide them so that they can make the changes as per their desire and let them save their work as another dashboard?


You can look into bookmarks.