How to ensure that a grouped field is not grouped again?


I have a field in my dataset that is the distinct number of customers, which is already calculated in my query.
In Quick Sight, this field should not perform an aggregation on it (sum, minimum, maximum, average, etc.) when inserting it into a graph in the measure option.
How can I make sure that no grouping calculations are made in this field?
Should I convert the field to a dimension, or does Quick Sight have a “default” option?



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We can use a field once in a group. You can group your data in your ETL and group in QS. This will achieved by through this.

Naveed Ali

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So how can I ensure that the field already grouped in my ETL is not grouped again in QS when I need to use that field as a measure?


Hi @July
I guess as long as you have one or many dimensions and more then one row you aren’t able to.
Do you have sample for your input data and expected outcome?

Hello @ErikG

I need to use the field as a measure, but since this field is already grouped in my dataset, Quick Sight should have the option “none”, “automatic” or “no aggregation”, as it doesn’t make sense to group information that is already grouped. Because of this, the values ​​become strange.

I have a lot of difficulty working with a grouped field, when the field is already grouped in my dataset.

Hi @July
maybe you can share a sample with data.
Depending on what you want to visualize there is no grouping/aggregation anyway.

Hello @July, did the responses from @ErikG and @Naveed help guide you towards a solution? If it is something where your distinct count aggregation from SQL will return the same value on multiple rows of a specific grouping, you can utilize min/max in the field well to return a single value. Otherwise, if every row contains a distinct value, you can utilize sum since it will only sum individual rows. It will depend on your visual and how that is being aggregated within the dataset. Let me know if you still require further assistance, and I can help guide you.

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