How to estimate crude rates with distinct_count

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Hi, I am trying to create a calculated field for estimating crude rate per 10000 using the dist_count. For example, dist_count*10000/total population. I would like to use it with several variables (gender, race etc.) in visuals. How do I do that? Thanks,

Hi Mpat,

Thank you for your question.
Can you explain more on “I would like to use it with several variables (gender, race etc.) in visuals”?

I want to create visuals using this crude birth rate and add race or gender in the field well. I am trying this syntax but getting errors.
distinctCountOver(births, [race],PRE_AGG)*10000/sumOver({Population_nodup},[births],PRE_FILTER)
Error message: LAC agg functions cannot be used as operands of LAC window functions.

I am still waiting for your response, thanks.

Not yet, I am still waiting for your response…