How to exclude data from specific dates in a visual

I have a visual which i want to show data of all time, however i want to exclude the dates 30th August 2023, and 31st August 2023. This is because the data here were all test cases, and i do not want them shown in my visual. How can i filter my visual so it excludes certain dates?

Basically should be filtered to data in all time, excluding data from these two dates.


Hi @HarveyB-B ,

only for one visual or all?
For all you could exclude the dates in the dataset.
For the visual you maybe could create a “before” or “after” filter.

In case that will not work. I would create a string field (for that date field) and filter out the to strings (in filter list)


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Ah that does make sense, i think before 31st and after 31st should work fine. i will try in a bit and mark it as solution if working. Thanks

The filter to before and after 31st was weird and didn’t work. In fact the data displayed ended up staying the same. I think since it’s:
Filter to show anything before 31st
Filter to show anything after 31st

(OR instead of AND), i think it breaks it somewhat.

So what i should do instead is create a calculated field which is the string of the date, and then filter out by this calculated field, and that would hopefully filter the 31st out?

How would i filter to exclude the string/field?

I have never used a field to filter out things before, and i have no options to exclude (field) out of list - in filter list.

If you already created the string field. Just use an exclude filter.


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What do i put in this calculated field to show all the dates?

I have no option for filter list

This is the field i have


What i would do.

  1. Delete the date filter
  2. Create a calulated field.
  3. Create a new filter on the created field.
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I’ve tried this but weirdly there is not date for 31st august 2023.

Although when i use the date field which was converted to a string, it shows data on that day?

Not sure why that does it

Hi @HarveyB-B
and your PropStr date is formated “yyyy-mm-dd”? Do you find other dates?
Can you create a simple table visual with proposal date and PropStrto check if there are data and date is formated right?

No data at all actually for this date. Someone may have excluded this date + data from this date as they knew that using this would mess up percentages and data shown for August. Will double check with the person who queried the data but i think it has been removed pre quick sight