How to export/send as attachment in email as PDF both sheets in a dashboard

I have two sheets in a dashboard but I am not able to export both the sheets as PDF together. I have to export each sheet separately. How can I export both of them together? Also, while sending as an attachment in an email I cant save both the sheets together. How to do both sheets together?

@debanjana Hi

Are you exporting through here?

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@nshah-quicksight Yes. Is there any other way to download in PDF so that both sheets can be downloaded together?

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@debanjana I never tried side by side sheet in pdf.
But also fitting 2 sheets in pdf side by side is challenging even outside quicksight.

try changing your layout if you are using free form.

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Hi @debanjana , @nshah-quicksight ,

Creating PDF that includes multiple dashboard sheets isn’t currently support.
We do have an open Feature Request for this capability (Internal PFR link).

Please have your AWS Account manager/SA file a customer influence against above PFR.
If you don’t have an AWS contact, message (click my username) me with your Company and use case details; I will file a customer influence on your behalf.

Arun Santhosh
Principal QuickSight SA.