How to extract string data from fields to table

Hi , I have a field that have value like “travel, beauty, food, shopping, fashion”
each field have unique ID
so how do I split each value by comma and show to a table by id
now , I use custom SQL like string_to_array and unnest it for each id
but Is there any way to do it without using customSQL?
because I need to calculate average value for some fields

If field is of string data type, you can create a calculated field in dataset editor using split function to split string into an array of substrings, based on a delimiter that you choose.

If field is json object type then you can create a calculated field in dataset editor using parseJson to extract values from a JSON object

Once you have created appropriate substring fields in dataset, you can apply other QuickSight functions as applicable.

Thank you

Are you trying to perform a transformation during data preparation step where it splits a single row into multiple rows if column has multiple values separated by comma? QuickSight does not provide a UI for doing this at this point in time, it can only generate new columns, but not new rows.
You might be able to use custom SQL query to perform the transformation you need.