How to find the 90 Percentile range of my data?

Hello I have a dataset from a customer call database, and what I am looking to do is find how many calls are within the top 90th percentile of “Queue Duration” time of my data over a given period of time.

Attached is some dummy data I am working with. I’ve got a call date/time field along with a Queue Duration field that I am using as my measure. When I use the calculation – Percentile({Queue Duration}, 90) – it returns back as just “1” in my table? I’m not sure why is is doing this rather than returning back the top 90th perentile. Is someone able to help assist with this? Thanks!


I believe it’s returning the value of the 90th percentile.

To check if it’s in the 90th percentile you can check if your value is lower than the value the percentile returns.

Here’s an example

ifelse(firstValue({queue_duration},[{queue_duration} ASC],[{queue_duration}]) < percentile({queue_duration},90),'90','not')
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