How to find the highest level employee from each department?

I am looking to see how I can use a set of calculations to pull out the highest level employee rank for each department. I’ll leave a sample dataset below that contains dummy data, and shows the outcome I’m looking to achieve in a pivot table format. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Can you make a rank that partitions by department and filter to only one?

rank_by_department = rank([{employee_rank} DESC],[{department}],PRE_AGG)

Then filter the next visual so that employee_rank is only one.


cool solution @Max … thank you…

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Thank you Max, this worked perfectly for me! :wink:


Hey @Max, I wanted to see if it’s possible to take this one step further! I have expanded the data out to include a couple other field dimensions. What I want to show is the highest employee rank (by the color orange) but also I want to show the location name and a headcount of all employees distinguished by color for each department?

I’ll attach a screenshot to illustrate what I am trying to achieve!