How to freeze panes in quicksight

Dear Member,

I need your help to understand , how we can freeze panes in Quicksight table analysis.

Hi Pushpendra,

Can you elaborate on your requirement a bit?

In QuickSight, the table header row is frozen by default, and no additional action is required.
In the Pivot table visual, the dimensions added to columns & rows are frozen by default.


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Hi Rajalingapandian,

in visual type table I have more then 60 data fields , I just want to fixed initial five dimension data fields , so when I see other measure fields , my first five data fields should be fixed.

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Usually, when I need to freeze some calculation for all rows or columns, I would simply create another table and make sure to align it nicely with the other (unfrozen) table. Then you can set a theme to help here (remove Margin, Border and Gutter) so that both tables appear as close to one another as possible… You may even use Free Form layout to achieve this.

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This will help only when we have limited number of rows but as soon as we will scroll down data below then mapping will not be correct with other sheet.

If you want to freeze the first 5 columns, then you can use a Pivot table instead.

Put these 5 fields in the Rows field well and the rest of the fields in the Values field well. You will be able to scroll through the rest of the columns but the first 5 columns will remain frozen.

You will probably need to change the definitions of these 5 columns in order for them to display the right result… but let’s first understand if this would solve it for you before discussing how to change those fields :slight_smile:

Recently I had a problem similar to @Pushpendra_Singh. As an alternative solution we can use two tables as mentioned, but there should be a better solution to this problem.

With the pivot solution that @darcoli mentions, the problem is that we can only have 20 values in a pivot, more than that is not possible, unlike a table that we can put more values.

In my case, I want to have the first column frozen, and have another 30 values displayed in the same table. So, QS should have an option to determine in a table, from left to right, how many columns you want to have frozen to have a better view of the information, especially in very large tables.

any news about the support for column(s) freeze?

Hi @Andrea_M , Till now there is no functionality in quicksight.

@Andrea_M , Its possible in pivot but not in table format.

Hi @Pushpendra_Singh, in the pivot table all the fields in “rows” are frozen, I didn’t find any way to, for example, freeze the first one only.

Am I missing something?