How to get a stacked bar chart in Q

Is there a correct way to ask a question in Q to get the answer as a stacked bar chart? I tried the following:
Show me {measure} by {dimension1} and {dimension2}
Show me {measure} by {dimension1} by {dimension2}

First of all, Q seems to always default to a regular bar chart even when I have 2 dimensions in my question. When I manually change the visual to a stacked bar chart, how does Q decide which dimension to use for group/colour? I feel like it would make more sense to use the dimension that has fewer values but Q seems to be doing the opposite. I tried changing the order of the dimensions in my question and got the same result. There’s also no way to manually swap the group/color with the y-axis in the answer.

Hi David, Horizontal bar, KPI and Table types are some of the common default charts from Q results. You can manually select other chart types form visuals button