How to get bar visual in Quicksight with below scenario


Need to get bar chart in that condition


Your data should be in shape like multiple value on a single group.

and choose the

select the vertical stacked bar


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Unfortunately not possible to have both clustered and stacked bars in the same chart. Once QuickSight allows for Small Multiples on the Stacked Bar Chart you should be able to achieve it, but for now it only supports it on the Clustered Bar Chart:

Only other alternative is to make a separate Stacked Bar Chart per cluster (1, 2, 3…10 in your case), hide the Y axis on all but the first one, fix the y-axes to all use the same range, and stick them next to each other (and use a Theme to remove borders and gutters).

Hi Praveen,

As Jesse’s response included valid workarounds to achieve similar visual effect, I’m marking that as solution to your question.