How to get cost by purchase option visual in quicksight to show matching values with cost explorer

I am using summary_views dataset used for cudos dashboard, to visualize cost data.
Amortized_cost by purchase option(ondemand,reserved,savings,spot) visual values are not matching with cost explorer even though I have removed tax and refund from charge type, mainly difference is coming with Ec2.
do I have to use any other dataset , or query the base table differently.?
also, how to achieve RI coverage visuals similar to cost explorer coverage.?
Please help with the same, Thanks.

This is a public community forum. I think you should reach out to your team internally about this, or you will need to give us some examples of what you are looking for (don’t post anything confidential or sensitive)

Hi @sarita - Since we have not received a response from you on this question, we are going to archive this question. If you still need this question answered, please create a new question topic. Thanks!