How to get difference based on dimension values

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Is there any way to calculate the difference of calculation for 2 values coming from on dimension.
For example:

Here we have Country Dimension which has Country values like US, India etc.
Measure used in table is Defect Per Million which is calculated by :
Sum(Defected Unit)/sum(Total Unit)* 1000000

We want to have another value Difference in Dimension which gives difference betweenDPMO of US and India

You would use a lag or lead function.

Thank you Max for your response !!

But Lead/ Lag works on Measures whereas this calculation needs to be done based on Dimension values.

we can write something like
if country=‘Difference’ then
(if Country= ‘US’ then ‘Defect Per Million’ - if Country= ‘India’ then ‘Defect Per Million’)
‘Defect Per Million’

Difference can be added as Dummy value to Country column

Hi @anshulsri
You can use an ifelse() to achieve this.

sum(ifelse({Country} = 'US', DPMO, 0)) - sum(ifelse({Country} = 'India', DPMO, 0))

You may need to add the ifelse() at your base calculation so you are not nesting sums

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Just follow the example using the difference function for aggregates Difference - Amazon QuickSight

If your just looking for a way to do the calculation on two dimensions, as Douglas mentioned ifelse block would help achieve your requirement.

Quicksight has a key performance indicator (KPI) visual to compare values, please go through this link to learn more.

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Thank you for your response @bergqdou .
But Difference should be included in the Dimension Country which could have multiple values .

Another example of same scenario is:
I have data for Period as Wk_15, Wk_16, Wk_17, W_18
Here, I need to have WoW i.e. sum(ifelse({period} = ‘Wk_18’, DPMO, 0)) -sum(ifelse({period} = ‘Wk_17’, DPMO, 0))
and WoW should be coming in Period Dimension

Hi @anshulsri,
Following up on the questions you’d raised in this thread. Multiple different options had been suggested, each taking a slightly different approach. Did you finally manage to solve your case and want to share your approach with the community?

If it’s not yet solved, could you please provide a more detailed description/screenshots of how your input is looking like and how your output is expected to look like? If the cardinality of the dimension that you want to compare is higher than 2, I’d like to understand how/what you want to compare with each other (e.g. if the country column contains more than only the values “US” and “India”, what differences do you want to show where?).

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