How to get Percentage of a Bar Chart instead of Number of Calls

I would like to see the Data Labels of the 3 choices on the right (Issues Resolved: No, Yes, null), but keep the Visual as a Vertical Stacked Bar Chart. I know changing the visual to a Vertical Stacked 100% Bar Chart will show the values, but I want to keep the bar charts to show to amount of total calls but would like the Data Labels to be in Percentages. Is this possible?

The data labels will not be able to be a percentage.

You could add a tool tip that displays the percentages when you hover.

I can mark this as a feature request.

How do you add a tool top that displays percentages when hovering?

For your calculated field you would do a percent of total partitioned by month.

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I tried to do the same for US States and wish to plot on a map widget.
I did the following in my calculated field :
count({Job ID}),

If the Total Number Of Job IDS = 100, I want to get the percentage of jobs in all states of the USA.
Basically, how is this 100 distributed across the USA?

As I hover over states - I see everything to be 100%.
What is going wrong here?