How to get physical table id quicksight data set boto3 create_data_set API call

I’m creating a data set using the create_data_set API call in boto3.
In the LogicalTableMap Property, we have to mention a ‘Source’ which is the id of the ‘PhysicalTable’. How do I extract the physical Table id of a data set that I’m just creating with this same API call?


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@hanssaj I don’t think that level of detail will be available in response of create_dataset(), Have you tried describe_dataset() with that dataset id ?

Hi @hanssaj - You can maintain a business glossary which will have your column details and for each table a unique value. This unique value can be take as Physical table id as your source reference in logical map file. See the link - Quicksight dataset with API table map - #4 by Sanjeeb2022

Hope this will help you.

Regards - Sanjeeb