How to get sum of columns in 2 dimensional pivot table?

Hello, I have the pivot table using the sample Business Review dataset.
I have a Total column on the right and a Total row at the bottom.
I want the Totals on the right to be the sum of the row, and the Totals at the bottom to be the sum of the column.
Right now, the Totals at the bottom are not the sum of each column.

For example, I want the Total under Dec 2016 to be (7714.27 + 4846.89 + 3916.68) = 16477.84, Total under Nov 2016 to be (-1123.68 + 501.86 + -287.32) = -909.14, and so on.

How can I do this?

CalcField is coalesce(periodOverPeriodDifference(max({Billed Amount}), Date), max({Billed Amount})).


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This is an interesting problem, can you please share your dummy input data and expected output…

Regards - San

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Sample Business Review dataset provided by Quicksight, desired output is in my post above.

The total will do your calculation over all of the customer regions.

You could look to wrap your calculated field in a sumOver and partition by customer region.