How to hide a table column based on multi-value action filter selection

I have a parameter “pDimension” which is of String datatype and ‘Multi values’.
The values (Specific values) it contains are

I have a control (Control options: list) in my report showing all these values listed -

So basically users select these dimension columns and they are shown in one table visual.
I have achieved this using calculated fields and having those calculated fields for dim1/2/3 in the table visual.

The above link/answer helped me.

Now I want to show and hide those columns based on user’s selection.
e.g. if someone selects dim1 and dim2, the table should show only those two columns, if the user then uncheck dim2, then the table visual should show only dim1.
Could anyone please suggest.
Many Thanks

This is not possible currently.

I can mark it as a feature request.


Hi @Aniruddha_Sinha,

As @Max mentioned, the hide capabilities of a table can currently not be controlled via parameters. The only native option that you currently have within QuickSight is to create duplicates of the visual and remove a different combination of the respective fields (dim1, dim2) from each copy of the visual to then leverage the conditional rules to hide or display certain visuals depending on your parameter value, i.e., selection in the control. As you can imagine, this does not scale well if you have a combination of many choices.

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Thanks @Max 2, @Thomas for your quick input.
Unfortunately, I have around 23 dimension columns and more than 30 measure columns as I am combining different business data points together and trying to build a generic dashboard.
For now, I am showing N/A for dimensions and blank (i.e. null) for measures for the non-selected columns.
I’m thinking to change the font colour to the background colour also with conditional formatting for non selected columns :smiley: :smiley: just to hide the header, but can’t shrink the table by hiding the columns.

Would you mind to tag me please if possible when this feature is introduced, so that I can get the notification and implement the same.

Thanks again both of you! Have a nice Easter holidays!

Hi @Aniruddha_Sinha,

To stay up-to-date with the latest QuickSight updates, I recommend to look at and subscribe (“watch”) to the What’s New/Blog category . There you will also be informed when your requested feature is released.