How to hide the repeated values and show only once for a column in Table visual?

Hello experts, I have a scenario where I need to show the data in a grouping manner, which means if a value is repeating in every row, then it should be grouped and shown only once. I can achieve this in Pivot table but I have conditional formatting for few columns in between, so I am choosing Table Visual. But in table visual values are not grouped and repeating in every row. I am attaching the image how I wanted it to look like. Please suggest me how can I achieve this.

Hi @krishna.c

Currently grouping of repeating values is supported only in Pivot visual . I’ve tagged this as a feature-request to support conditional formatting on dimension columns in pivot table. Will ping you separately to get the account details.

Hi @apjvinod, Thanks for the response. Please let me know if there is any work around to achieve grouping as shown in the image similar to Pivot table.