How to identify which analysis is the parent to a given dashboard?

my stakeholder has a problem with a dashboard that was made a good while ago. i am having trouble finding the parent analysis in the user interface. for sure the name of the dashboard is different than the name of the parent analysis that i am looking for.

is there a cli call that i could use to identify the originator analysis, (or at least its id) that the dashboard was spawned from?

all the best.

It’s not a simple solution but this can get you what you are looking for.

thanks max! that looks like a great comprehensive solution. i took a tiny piece of that and solved my immediate need.
i had been looking into aws quicksight describe-analysis-definition and aws quicksight describe-dashboard-definition for hints of lineage. but this showed me how to find the parentage in the json output from the describe-dashboard command. :slight_smile: