How to implement a star schema model in quicksight with multiple fact tables

I have to implement a report which have multiple fact tables and the dimension table.
In quick sight we can connect the tables using the joining condition, which means it will form a big table with the joining results, but if we don’t want to create join the facts table , I just have to join the dimension table to the fact table like below model then how can we do in quicksight?

Hello @achourey,

as of my knowledge there is currently no other way to include all fact and dimension tables into one source without creating a big table as QS does not provide anything else than Joins. However I found some interesting discussions and articles that could interest you depending on your specific analysis use cases and flexibility.

The first one is another Community entry on how to use a big table with two fact tables: 2 Fact tables in one dataset

The second one is a different reporting approach when using dimensional models:
Dimensional modeling in Amazon Redshift | AWS Big Data Blog

The idea here is that you can build you respective analyses using a fact table and only join the required dimension table. Maybe you can create multiple Datasets where your fact table is only joined to one dim table (which would be six in you case) and add them to your Analysis.

Maybe some of this can help you. I am curious to know!


@Nicolas_H, If I create multiple datasets with each fact table then it will work, but Quick sight modelling is not similar like power bi so here it will create multiple big tables with each data set and that will increase the storge capacity.